RCMP Facts and Figures…

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Firearms News

I’ve been grabbing the RCMP Facts and Figures data in order to compile various aggregate outputs that aren’t otherwise available.

A first output:

Using the published “Firearms Registration” data by province, we can peer into the data at a national level to see what it looks like in aggregate. Trendlines are linear.


Some observations:

  • The RCMP did not publish a December 2009 report.  Doubted my data and sure enough, they re-used September 2009.
  • Prohibited class firearms are slowly vanishing.
  • The number of Restricted firearm registrations has grown from 440,430 in September 2008 to a peak of 721,764 in September 2014; 281,334 additions over 6 years (~47K per year).
  • December 2013 marked an odd data point showing an increase in the number of Prohibited class registrations.

The March 2014 reclassification of 12,000 CZ 858 rifles isn’t reflected;  these are in limbo, reclassified from Non-Restricted to Prohibited, but as the amnesty exists individual firearms may not have been registered as Prohibited with the RCMP.  These firearms may have changed hands post-LGR and will be difficult to reconcile.


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