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Posted: January 13, 2013 in Firearms News
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With shootouts the emerging weekly norm for our American neighbours, the curtain seems to be closing on the way things are with guns in the US.  The President has tasked Biden with grooming a gun-control plan by the end of January (at least initially), while the Pro and Con sides are posturing and getting their messaging out while bullets whiz in various communities throughout the country.

What a mess.

There is talk of outright bans on semi-automatic firearms, high capacity magazines, and more funding for mental health initiatives as highlights.   Let talk be talk, and regardless, the outcomes will need to be implemented in some fashion.  The United Colours of Gunlaw.   Seemingly, each state has their own rules and reciprocal agreements recognizing out-of-state carry/concealed carry permits with variations in each jurisdiction.  Each state can have their own laws governing firearms, magazine limits, waiting periods, “One-Handgun-a-Month” and countless other add-ons making it a casserole of confusion with varying enforcement and criminal outcomes.

Canada is really no different.  The Firearms Act (FA) while seemingly centrally administered is delegated to Provincial Chief Firearms Officers (CFO) for issues within the jurisdiction.  Each CFO seems to operate differently often resulting in increasing levels of complexity and ambiguity as it applies to interpretation and enforcement.   Canada just operates within a broader set of funnel shaped constraints that simply obstruct,  annoy and incriminate anyone that shoots with any regularity.  This is all packaged and sold as increasing public safety.

In both Canada and the US, the laws are federal and left to the states/provinces for how they are applied.  Seemingly the states themselves  have more power than their CFO’s counterparts do in Canada as firearm types, and magazine limits can vary from state to state which makes matters more complex in terms of uniform law.

Let’s face a fact many cannot accept:  You cannot fully control firearm possession and use with law.  In the near future, technology will exist to print untraceable 3D firearms from the desktop.  Yes, there is talk of DRM like controls on these things, but like all technology, time circumvents even the best security.  The devices cannot be controlled in fashion required to make a registry effective.  People found ways of killing each other long before guns existed;  this will not stop either.  (here’s a teaser:  http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=439_1358113821)

It’s truly about how firearms are used and by whom.  Until those that govern us realize that guns, hammers, knives, fists, feet and the likes can all be used in manners making them lethal weapons, and that solely, the user is responsible for crossing the line that turns the device into a weapon.  It is only after the line has been crossed that the severity of an incident escalates as the type of firearm may have characteristics that make it more dangerous than another.

With an ear to the news, I’m curious how this will be sold in a constitutional manner to our American friends.

  1. JD says:

    Gotta get myself one of those 3-D printers! LOL But maybe the abolishment of the long-gun registry has started an anti gun-control trend in Canada (if enough firearms enthusiasts keep pushing for reform) – only time will tell…

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