Airsoft pistol causes a stir in Guelph

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Firearms News

The Guelph Mercury covered a story this weekend where an Airsoft replica firearm was seen being handled a black SUV in a school parking lot.  The paper covers the story really well, and I wanted to discuss the optics of this.

People need to remember that in Canada, firearms are taboo.  Really, the vast majority of Canadians have very little exposure, to and understanding of firearms.   Their education is mostly the news, Hollywood and politicians.  The reaction in this case is very understandable, suspicious activity, the possibility of a firearm, and all in the area of a school.  The police force in this case kept their cool, and the situation was diffused in seemingly short order.

It could have quickly gone the other way. A quick movement, coupled a finger on-the-trigger of an adrenaline filled cop and things would have been vastly different.

The way the Criminal Code of Canada has it, even a licenced Restricted firearms owner would have no circumstances in which the handling of a pistol in a vehicle would be acceptable.  One can even reasonably deduce that this poor decision to handle a “seemingly” real firearm in a SUV in a school parking lot is simply the first of many bad choices that could made in fairly short order with varying degrees of consequences that day.

So kids, the real lesson here is, once again, don’t be stupid.

If it looks like a gun, someone will think it IS a gun, and that person might be carry a badge and be allowed to and have a REAL gun.  Think about the optics of what you are doing.  If someone sees you acting in a manner with something that looks like a gun, you WILL have police to deal with.  It’s just that simple, you could easily become another statistic.

It’s for your own safety;  treat your replica guns, airsoft guns, and paintball guns the same way you would with the real deal.  Check that they are clear, keep them pointed in safe directions, transport them IN THE TRUNK of your vehicle, and don’t create a circumstance that can cause a miscommunication of your intentions.  It could cost your your life.

Be smart.  Be safe.  Don’t f#%k it up for the rest of us.



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