Yet another NBC hit piece on Remington

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Firearms News

The Firearm blog Original Post

Leaving a loaded shotgun with the safety on leaned on a pickup truck resulted in this fellow getting shot in the leg.

So many problems with this

  • a loaded gun out of your care and control.
  • Trusting the safety actually works
  • Obviously not respecting safe muzzle direction.

So buddy violates ACTS and PROVES, shoots himself in the leg and sues Remington.   We have some odd neighbors down-south…  This is purely an operator issue and he deserves nothing.

I walk kilometers at a time with my 870 and if I need to “put it down”, even all alone out in the woods, I will unload the chamber, do what I have to do, then reload.  If I manage to shoot myself, it will be my fault no matter what.

870’s are just fine, it’s again, poor decision making that enchains an unfortunate series of events.

  1. cdnfirearms says:

    For our visiting American friends:

    ACTS and PROVE is a acronym that is used to simplify principals of firearms safety in Canada. It is taught this way through the federal firearms training and licencing curriculum.

    A – Assume all firearms are loaded
    C- Control the muzzle; point it in a safe direction
    T- Finger OFF the trigger; booger finger off the bang button
    S- SEE that the firearm is safe; segue into PROVE

    P – (continue to) Point the firearm in the safest possible direction
    R – Remove all cartridges
    O – Observe the chamber
    V – Verify the feed path
    E – Examine the Bore

    Outside of law enforcement, military and security, you shouldn’t find any loaded firearms in Canada unless they are about to be used.

    – On the line at the range, when the “Load” command is issued
    – An allowed/permitted shooting hole in the woods for long-guns only
    – When hunting, and only in certain conditions.

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