Quebec doesn’t get it…

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Firearms News

Winnipeg Free Press

The gun registry and it’s data does nothing to prevent someone from making bad decisions.  It’s misused tool with bad data that has had it’s effectiveness blurred by anecdotal evidence.

If Quebec wants this, it can impose this at a provincial level, but it must be seeded with NEW data, collected by the province of Quebec through a Quebec Gun Registry campaign.  The end result will be the criminalization of it’s non-compliant gun owner population, and more charges, and a large unaffordable bill for a have-not province.

Now consider the impact on Quebec’s tourism income;  how will non-resident hunters be dealt with?  How will enforcement be able to make a distinction between a Quebec gun and a rest-of-Canada gun?

Quebec needs to remember that this did nothing to prevent any poor decisions involving firearms.  Perhaps Quebec needs a registry of poor decision makers within the province;  seeding that should be pretty easy.

-Canadian Firearms Blog


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