B.C. Mom lets kids shoot pellet guns from a moving car

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Firearms News

I couldn’t believe this story as I read through Google News:  Mom lets kids shoot pellet guns from a moving car.

Fully story from the Vancouver Sun.

What does this tell us?

  • Common Sense was checked-out a long time ago
  • Mom obviously makes no distinction between these (I assume probably .177 cal or BB powered CO, or even “Air-Soft” pistols) and “toy” guns.  Even still, history is full of people that have been shot dead while pointing a “toy” gun at the wrong person.
  • If Mom thinks it’s acceptable that the kids shoot traffic signs from a moving vehicle, I’m sure she’d have no qualms about walking into the bank with her pellet gun wielding menaces.

I don’t usual advocate “making an example out of someone”, but in this case, I’d go bananas and classify these “pellet guns” as firearms (why not, the City of Ottawa considers air-guns to be “firearms”):

  • Loaded firearm in a vehicle
  • Discharging firearm from vehicle
  • Dangerous use of firearm
  • Improper Transportation of firearm
  • Something about un-supervised use/access of firearms to minors.

I’m sure that covers off the basics, but doesn’t address the larger problem of the free-for-all in the back-seat of that vehicle.   I think the problem is somewhat larger, pivoting around the use and application of the word “No” in child-rearing.

In what realm would this be acceptable?  Really?


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